management system

A document management application is a product that quickly adapts to the needs of every company. It contains all the features of document management systems and tools for the rapid implementation of applications and processes.

Document processing

according to defined rules and procedures

Improves customer experience

Accelerates the processing of customer requests. Provides an immediate overview of the processing status. Generates documents with uniform corporate content.

A flexible tool for company development

Supports the introduction of new products and services in the short term. Allows you to process and save document in one place. Reduces the time it takes to access the materials you need.

Ready to use in a short time

Adapts to the individual needs of the company. Maintains consistent links between information. Integrates applications for digitization and long-term archiving of documents.

Creation and categorization of documents

Defined processes and users create documents automatically from templates or ad-hoc. Document categorization determines what information documents contain, which users have access to them, and what process is responsible for their processing during the lifecycle.

The joint group contains materials covering the same business or organizational area. An administrator defines the categorization of documents by configuring attributes.

Flexible user interface

The user interface is individually customizable according to user needs. The WYSIWYG tool supports the fast creation of forms and lists at the configuration level with minimal programming requirements. Application displays data to users depending on their

needs, access permissions, and processes. The audit log contains the activities performed by users in the application in the form of audit records

Process support

Processes define how documents are processed, the display of the user interface currently needed, and the selection of actors who have access to the data. The process is created by the WYSIWYG tool, which allows defining the procedure of automatically and manually performed activities in the form of a diagram.

The process diagram contains the current state of the process in its execution, including the implemented and future events. Data and features of external applications may also be part of the processing.

Integration with external applications

The built-in integration interface supports the active use of external application data and features as if they were an essential part of the application. Uniform units allow the combination of necessary data from external applications.

The integration interface maintains data consistency and preserves access permissions for these uniform units.

Support for daily activities of the company

Users perform tasks based on the steps defined in the processes. Jobs are assigned to users for processing and displayed in their to-do list. The application supports automatic task delegation when there is no present user responsible for processing the task. Task delegation is easily configurable for individual users, groups and also supports manual delegation of selected responsibilities.

System scheme

Why to use it DMS Flow

Processing documents according to defined company's rules and processes

Organizations working with various documents should manage their life cycles accordingly. These materials come from an external environment outside the organization, are generated by any application or created by users.

They concern the internal activities of the company, suppliers, customers, or government. Their security classification varies depending on the information they contain.

The status and content of the documents differ depending on the processes they go through the company. Application processes various data and materials stored in external applications.

Technical features

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For more information, visit the page in Slovak language and use the automatic translation. New page in english coming soon...