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Business banking

Comprehensively functional and fully safety certified desktop application allowing management of client accounts, view listings, and payment orders. Each user can securely and transparently utilize all possibilities and movements in its banking product through a web browser or a mobile device. Of course there is the functionality of the system in offline mode. A big advantage is the ability to import / export data from / to accounting. It also includes approval of payment orders. Notification will come via email... more

Advantages of the solution:

  • Works in off-line mode
  • The integration of the accounting systems
  • „Remote signature“ transfer orders and the mobile client application

Technology: Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation

Property execution

System offers a comprehensive management of documents and monitoring of the entire enforcement proceedings. Efficient and accurate inclusion of all data required in execution processes that are from the scanned and registered document are automatically fully available to all enforcement action. Including sending replies, blocking and unblocking of accounts etc. Contains optional part whitch helps in foreclosures by blocking of bank products, checking account balances, etc .. The product contains also document management system. All documents can be delivered to the recipients obviously both in paper or electronic form to the portal of the judical officers (CRIF)... more

Advantages of the solution:

  • Fast conversion from paper form of execution documents to data in electronic form
  • Almost 100% success in data mining from documents
  • Ability to handle daily order of thousands of documents (including multipage)
  • Saving human resources costs up to 50%

Technology: Microsoft SharePoint, ABBYY FlexiCapture Engine

Sale of financial products

System through which financial institutions process their product portfolio from an offer of product till affiliate remuneration for sales representatives. The system is used internally within the organization and externally by sales representatives. It contains complete product lifecycle - creation and configuration of the product, assessment (scoring) of financial background of the client, preparation and calculation of proposal, preparation and printing of contracts, including archivation. System allows payment for the product over the Internet in case of products offered via the internet. The application provides integration with the call center, report of processing contracts for sales representatives, including calculation of commissions based on a commission system... more

Advantages of the solution:

  • Single solution for all products
  • On-line and off-line client to work outside the areas covered by internet access
  • It contains all parts for the complete life cycle of product

Technology: Microsoft C#, Microsoft IIS, Microsoft SQL

Debt collection

The system is designed to support the recovery of claims resulting from non-performance of duties clients in repaying their contractual obligations. The system supports multi-phase management of recovery, which is carried out automatically based on evaluation of data from the accounting system and according to predefined strategies. Part of the system is also evidence of customer behavior with an assessment of their risks... more

Advantages of the solution:

  • Configurable strategies by product group, product, risk, ...
  • Automated tasks - generated letter reminders, SMS, automatic calling
  • Call center automation - support for telephone calls done directly from the application, caller identification
  • Configurable intervals of data processing and system monitoring
  • Lot of pre-built reports and the support of creation of new

Technology: Microsoft C#, Microsoft IIS, Microsoft SQL, Jasper Reports Server

Trading on the FOREX markets and Money Market

The system includes a set of applications, which will enable the businesses to market FOREX and Money Market for clients. Trader monitors client's position through the web interface, monitors live trades currently opened and inspects a sufficient amount of funds on the collateral account. Client does trade through margin trading. Open trades are valued in real time based on a market data that are read from Bloomberg... more

Advantages of the solution:

  • The system generates alerts if the client does not have sufficient funds in the account
  • Support for business conducted in the Forex market (spot, forward, swaps, options - Vanilla, Barrier and Digital) and Money Market (Depo, Loan, IRS, cap, floor ...)

Technology: Java, Spring, Oracle DB


Electronic invoices

The system allows you to receive electronic invoices via e-mail. Invoices are signed by electronic signature and the receive is authorized only from predefined suppliers. Received invoices are checked against valid electronic signatures then automatically entered into the accounting system. Sent invoices are generated from the accounting system, signed by electronic signature and sent to the customer by e-mail. Business administrators are notified by system generated manual tasks in case of any problem and they can take control of the processing of invoices manualy... more

Advantages of the solution:

  • Use of any electronic signature for communication, only public key is required
  • A written agreement about electronic communication between suppliers and customers instead of using technologically complicated electronic signature issued by government or financially more expensive commercial electronic signature
  • The ability to scan and index invoices within the application, including integration with accounting system

Technology: Microsoft SharePoint, ASPX

Registry system with integration to the electronic mailbox

The system is used for record keeping incoming and outgoing mail, emails and messages from the central portal of public administration (ÚPVS). Records are manually or automatically recorded in the applicable journal entries and can be assigned to specific personnel or organizational units manually or according to predefined rules. Workers are notified about incoming alerts via e-mail message. The application supports integration with scanning tool and system "Records management".

Advantages of the solution:

  • Automatic distribution of incoming records according to predefined criteria
  • Archiving and long-term archiving of records received from the ÚPVS, including a valid electronic signature
  • Diary entries for the calendar year
  • Statistical reports
  • Search results
  • Integration with other tools and systems

Technology: K2, Microsoft SQL Server

Records management

Detailed and comprehensive electronic record of all communications between the organization and the clients or within the organization. Only one step in needed, by which is electronically registered any paper or electronic document and transparent manner managed its further use (allocation documents, terms of equipment, check the current status, load documents into electronic files, preview of the scanned original etc.). Systems includes a transparent registry book that tracks each document according to their subject group. Another modules are personal registry, central registry and archive which provides document management (registry records and files) throughout their life cycle.

Advantages of the solution:

  • Clear and fast registration of incoming and outgoing communication in electronic form
  • Automation of correspondence processing
  • Easy document management complying with government regulations

Technology: Microsoft ASP.NET MVC

Internal guidelines

User frendly approval system of internal processes, regulations, applications and other important internal corporate documents fuly taking into account your organizational structure and all its levels. A comprehensive tool for effective management of the documentation of internal projects from one location. The approval process is handled through the tasks to which they are automatically generated e-mail notifications and its current status is clearly shown graphically. The product contains also document management system... more

Advantages of the solution:

  • All internal rules stored in one place
  • The ability to create a working and published version by the intended group of employees
  • Full automation of the approval process of documents and communications

Technology: Microsoft SharePoint

Leave requests

System for entering requests for time off (doctor visits, funeral, wedding, care for family members, vacation). Contains subsequent approval and a report of (non) approved requirements.

The system offers the ability to configure the total number of days (limit) by the type of leave and by a specific employee.

The system is accessible through a web browser.

Employee is notified by an e-mail notification about the status of the application or the result of the approval.

Advantages of the solution:

  • Complete overview of availability of employees in the workplace
  • Full automation of the approval of the absence of employees in the workplace
  • A simple modification of content and process to the administrator level

Technology: K2

Data processing

Archiving of SAP objects

System Arch4SAP provides a transparent interface for archiving of SAP objects in an external content repository through technology SAP ArchiveLink. SAP users can work in native client environment by using archival functions. For repository can be used any CMS system, such as Alfresco, FileNet, OpenText through built-in universal REST API.

Advantages of the solution:

  • Support Archive Link 4.5 - 4.7
  • Allows archiving to multiple repositories
  • Supports various archiving and migration scenarios
  • SAP ICC certification
  • Up to 10 times faster performance compared to competing products

Technology: SAP Archive Link, Java, Spring, JSF

Document digitization and indexing

Versatile tool for scanning, recognition, printed, handwritten characters and indexing content of any documents. It supports recognition various types of documents by dynamic pre-built templates, recognition of bar and QR codes. The digitized documents are stored in Adobe PDF / A format that contains together graphics and text layers and allows you to search within the document. The tool supports integration with web interface for sending processed electronic documents and indexed information in the XML structure.

Advantages of the solution:

  • Simple user interface installed on the workstation, not the server, bringing significant savings for a large volume of processed documents
  • Visualization of document processing with the possibility of correct or complete information needed attendant users
  • Quick create of templates done by supplier
  • Powerful solution scalable to any number of workstation
  • Processing of documents in almost unlimited number, usually several million documents per year
  • Few times cheaper solution than standard tools

Technology: Microsoft Win Forms, Abbyy

Data scrambling and generation system

The system, which disguises a safe way existing data in the database, or generate entirely new database, filled with realistic-looking, yet only at random data generation. Performs irreversible anonymisation of customer, financial, or other confidential data, which means their replacement with new, readable zone, which retain the properties of the original data.

Enables secure access to test data to third parties who need a realistic-looking and "functional" data. Generates representative samples of data for presentation systems, creating the documentation and the.

Advantages of the solution:

  • For masking and data generation uses user predefined values, camouflage patterns and SQL functions
  • There is no way in which masked data can be returned to its original form
  • Configuration through comfortable and comprehensible user interface
  • The possibility of re-triggering anonymisation of data
  • High performance solution applicable to almost any database

Technology: Java, Oracle DB