Scanning and Indexing
paper documents

The document digitization and categorization tool allows you to convert paper documents to electronic documents. Electronic documents contain various information that is used in processing. The structure of information is not always in a form that allows its further processing. 

skenovanie dokumentov

Access to information
whatever its origin and form

The tool locates the searched information and extracts it into the necessary structure.
The extracted data supports a clear categorization of documents. 


The desktop application supports scanning and viewing documents. The content of the documents is visually validated by the user, who can organize, group them, or remove the selected pages.

The application supports import and processing of existing digitized documents in image and PDF formats. Standard TWAIN and ISIS communication interfaces are supported.

skenovanie dokumentov
vytazovanie dat

Data extraction

Digitized documents are automatically sorted by type, which can be changed if necessary. Searching and extracting data is based on the document type. Extracted data is displayed directly in the prepared form next to the displayed document in graphical form.

Data containing possible deficiencies is highlighted in red and can be validated and edited directly by the user in the form. The document, along with the extracted data, is sent to the selected destination application. Data extraction can also take place in automatic mode without user intervention as a web service.

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Qualified electronic conversion

For long-term archiving of digital documents, we also provide a guaranteed electronic conversion service that replaces a paper document with electronic usable for legal purposes.

The electronic document is valid throughout the EU. The service is realized in cooperation with the notary’s office.

elektorinicka konverzia dokumentov