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Software innovations support a continuous increase in competitiveness, efficiency and flexibility. Choosing the right technology is important for the long-term development and feasibility of future requirements.

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The current era of micro-service applications brings possibilities for using DevOps automation. The DevOps process enables a smooth transition from development to production without the need for software changes and interruption of operation. The quality of software is verified in accordance with the process rules and deployed in different software environments, everything fully automatically.

We realize that software innovation does not have to be a direct path and therefore requires appropriate tools and procedures. Agile software development allows us to present partial results continuously and thus validate compliance with requirements and expectations.


Together we define the goals of the innovation, the requirements for the features of the software and how should be used. Everything is clearly visualized in mind maps. According to the information, we design the most suitable technologies that meet the desired innovation goals.

Software feature requirements

The behavior of the software is clearly described from the perspective of users and their stories, how they use the software. Information is used as input for planning and implementation of innovation.

User experience design

We design the user interface with regard to how the software is used by users. We focus mainly on intuitiveness and ergonomics of use with high emphasis on the attractiveness of the design, especially if the end users are customers.

The design of the user interface and the visualized use scenario are important for understanding the use of the software. In their preparation we use screen sketching, simulation of the transition between screens to the final design, which corresponds to the final software state.

Software implementation

We develop the software in a way that best suits its purpose. We support all types of end user devices, such as web browsers, desktop applications, mobile applications, hybrid applications and technical integration APIs.

The software and the necessary data are available on-line or off-line by the need. In doing so, we ensure that the data is separated from the individual application layers, protected from unauthorized use and stored in accordance with GDPR regulations. Our preference is the micro-service architecture, which includes technical documentation and internal code testing.

Quality assurance

Throughout the development of the software, we perform a number of automated tests to ensure the smooth use of the resulting innovation. Part of our automated DevOps development process are program code quality tests, integration tests, user interface functional tests, and performance tests that match peak performance.

All identified defects are documented and continuously fixed. We present partial results to customers throughout the development of the software to gain valuable feedback and verify the achievement of the innovation goals as soon as possible.

Software deployment

Depending on the technology used, the software is installed fully or partially automatically based on the procedure documented in the operating documentation. Documentation includes the necessary settings and information for backup and restore in case of hardware infrastructure failure including automated scripts.

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User trainings

Software users and administrators are trained according to their competence and needs. User and operating manual are part of the training. The preferred training method is training videos that allow learning at any time including training of new users.

Project management

We perform software innovation as a project managed according to the principles of agile development SCRUM and project methodology Prince2 . Project is planned and status of implementation is monitored on a daily basis through Atlassian DevOps tools. All information about the current project status is transparently available to customer at any time.

Software operation

The implemented software innovation fully support operation in the customer’s own environment and the possibility of using preferred public clouds or their combination. If interested, the software can also be operated as a service that includes all activities on a flat rate basis.

Application support

The operation of the software requires regular care with guaranteed availability of the software throughout its use. The current status of the software is automatically monitored and, if necessary, a support team is informed to solve the identified problems in a short response time.

Application support is an additional operational service provided on the basis of a service contract and agreed terms appropriate to the importance of the software. Supporting tools are a telephone line and a helpdesk application, in which all incidents and service events are documented.